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Customized Mask Strap Covers


Mask Strap Covers

A unique mask strap for every diver.

Spotting your buddy sure isn’t easy when every diver is fully geared up and their faces occupied by a mask and reg. But a personalized mask strap cover with your name on it makes sure everyone knows who you are underwater!

Your mask’s existing rubber strap is slipped into the strap cover. If you need one with it’s own strap and buckles, have a look at our Mask Straps.

  • Choose from 8 vibrant colours – red, yellow, pink, green, blue, orange, purple, black.
  • Our covers are made of thick, high quality neoprene.
  • Print is waterproof, fade and scratch-resistant and will last you a many countless dives.
  • Custom designing. Anything is possible! If you have your own design you can send it to us after ordering.




Pictures of some designs can be seen on our Facebook page.

Text onlyText only Text and graphicText + graphic (+$4)

Strap cover colour:
Text to be printed:
Graphic/s (if applicable):

* Please note: the wait time for printing alone is usually 1 week, but may at times take as long as 2 weeks.

* You will be contacted about your design. Be sure to check the email used in your PayPal account or checkout page.